Estate Planning and Administration

Estate Planning and Administration

The Bruno Law Group attorneys, along with an experienced support staff of paralegals, offer personalized and comprehensive services in estate planning and estate services to individuals, family-owned businesses and non-profit organizations. In order to ensure that your assets and property interests are distributed according to your intentions, instead of the state’s intestacy laws, we take the necessary steps to plan how your estate will be handled. Our lawyers pride themselves on promptly delivering high quality services while “uncomplicating” a constantly changing body of information for our clients.

We employ a broad range of techniques – including the development of well-constructed wills, powers of attorneys, living wills, and a wide variety of trusts and sophisticated gifting and entity planning strategies (such as the family limited partnership) carefully tailored to our clients’ wishes. In the process, we carefully evaluate income, gift and death tax consequences of these property transfers, whether during lifetime or after death, to ensure our clients’ complete satisfaction.


Bruno Law Group also advises clients on the subjects of incapacity and health care decision-making and assists clients in accomplishing their philanthropic goals. The firm has broad experience in designing and implementing all forms of outright, deferred and testamentary charitable gifts. Following a client’s death, our attorneys and staff work closely with family members, executors and other family advisors.

Our attorneys have vast experience working with both non-profit organizations and their donors in designing and implementing charitable gifts. We frequently retain philanthropically-minded clients interested in making a large or unique gift to a favored charity. Likewise, charities such as universities, churches, and community foundations often seek the firm’s assistance in establishing or expanding its planned giving program. In both situations, we outline alternative gifting strategies and then guide our clients in selecting the best approach consistent with their goals.


Estate Planning
Development of comprehensive estate plans so assets are distributed according to our client’s wishes. Our firm handles: wills, trusts, power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney, and living wills.
Probate and Estate Administration
After a death, the individual’s estate must undergo specific procedures and requirements such as collecting assets, paying off obligations (debts, expenses, and taxes), and distributing the remaining property to heirs and beneficiaries according to the decedent’s will. If a decedent passes without a will, the decedent’s assets will be allocated according to the statutory scheme of distribution per state law. We work with the Executor or an Administrator of an estate to ensure that each step is completed correctly and smoothly.
Estate Litigation/Will Contests
Advice and counsel is offered to individuals who feel that an estate they have an interest in has been improperly distributed or that the will does not accurately reflect the true wishes of the decedent.
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