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Business Law

We Offer a Full-Service Legal Counsel For Your Business

Bruno Law Group offers experienced business guidance to businesses when they require legal assistance. Our client roster of sole proprietorships, family businesses, and corporations with national and international interests rely on us to provide personal representation as they pursue their legal and business goals.

Our business law practice covers a broad spectrum of services including:

Business Formation
Guidance in entity and state for business formation or incorporation based on extensive knowledge of personal liability concerns, tax considerations and other factors.
Guidance on preparation, review and negotiation of business-critical contracts, from noncompete and nondisclosure agreements to buy-sell agreements and commercial leases.
Business Litigation and Dissolution
Dispute resolution or share buyout of a business. We use negotiation, mediation and litigation to resolve partnership disputes and other stakeholder controversies, including those leading to a necessary dissolution, or “business divorce.”
White Collar and Criminal Defense
Growing businesses and professionals in all areas often face the scary prospect of having to respond to a state or federal subpoena or regulatory inquiry. Often times these inquiries may overlap with difficult ongoing civil litigation. Our firm, which includes former state and federal prosecution experience, will help navigate every step of the way and prevent long term criminal and civil liability.
Commercial Real Estate
Comprehensive representation in commercial real estate sales and purchases, including pursuit and negotiation of advantageous bank loans or other lender financing.
Estate planning for business owners
Guidance with business succession planning, as well as individual estate planning services.
We also offer ongoing counsel on taxation, employment law concerns and a range of other business law issues of financial and personal significance. This includes a full range of legal and ongoing operational issues faced by owners, partners and stakeholders in family-owned businesses. We work closely and directly with business leaders in many different industries and economic sectors, from construction, manufacturing and technology services to retail operations and professional practices.

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Civil Litigation and Trials

Bruno Law Group handles high-stakes, complex civil litigation cases with knowledgeable attorneys who have multiple years of experience representing parties in trials before federal, state, and local courts. Our attorneys are highly respected trial lawyers who bring a wealth of experience to the table. The lawyers at Bruno Law Group are well positioned to litigate a diverse range of legal matters with various levels of complexity. Regardless of how complicated or sophisticated the case may be, we have the skills, staffing and resources to successfully take the matter through trial and the highest levels of judicial appeals.

We aggressively fight to protect our business and individual clients’ rights and economic interests representing a wide range of civil litigation disputes, including business litigation, intellectual property infringement litigation, contract disputes, partnership disputes, real estate and construction litigation, and estate litigation/will contests.

Our attorneys represent businesses and individuals in high-profile, precedent-setting matters with state and national implications.

Our areas of focus include:
  • Business Litigation
  • Contract Disputes
  • Estate Litigation/Will Contests
  • Non-Compete Agreement Disputes
  • Partnership and Shareholder Disputes
  • Real Estate and Construction Litigation
To schedule your initial consultation with the Bruno Law Group attorneys, call us at +1 201-720-9972 or fill out the Contact form

Criminal Law

The Bruno Law Group defends individuals against state and federal crimes, including white collar crimes, internet crimes, domestic violence and assault, drug possession and drug delivery crimes, DUI, DWI, college student crimes and sex crimes. Our law firm has successfully streamlined the criminal process for first-time offenders, helping them get into first-offender programs, reducing sentences, and facilitating expungement proceedings that will clear criminal conduct from their record.

The team at Bruno Law Group has many years of hands-on experience using state and federal criminal law to help reduce jail time, eliminate jail sentences, protect personal records, reduce costs to clients, and maintain clients’ and their family’s safety. We handle every case with tact and compassion, and without judgement, to help our clients come out with their reputation intact and ability to carry on with their lives.

Our lawyers are experienced in a variety of criminal defense practices. We can help mount a strong criminal defense in the following areas:
  • DUI / DWI Defense
  • Assault
  • Domestic Violence
  • Driving with a Suspended License
  • Drug Crimes
  • DUI
  • Federal Crimes
  • Internet Crimes
  • Juvenile Crimes
  • Sex Crimes
  • White Collar Crimes
  • Child Custody
  • PFA
To schedule your initial consultation with the Bruno Law Group criminal attorneys, call us at +1 201-720-9972 or fill out the Contact form

Estate Planning and Administration

The Bruno Law Group attorneys, along with an experienced support staff of paralegals, offer personalized and comprehensive services in estate planning and estate services to individuals, family-owned businesses and non-profit organizations. In order to ensure that your assets and property interests are distributed according to your intentions, instead of the state’s intestacy laws, we take the necessary steps to plan how your estate will be handled. Our lawyers pride themselves on promptly delivering high quality services while “uncomplicating” a constantly changing body of information for our clients.

We employ a broad range of techniques – including the development of well-constructed wills, powers of attorneys, living wills, and a wide variety of trusts and sophisticated gifting and entity planning strategies (such as the family limited partnership) carefully tailored to our clients’ wishes. In the process, we carefully evaluate income, gift and death tax consequences of these property transfers, whether during lifetime or after death, to ensure our clients’ complete satisfaction.

Bruno Law Group also advises clients on the subjects of incapacity and health care decision-making and assists clients in accomplishing their philanthropic goals. The firm has broad experience in designing and implementing all forms of outright, deferred and testamentary charitable gifts. Following a client’s death, our attorneys and staff work closely with family members, executors and other family advisors.

Our attorneys have vast experience working with both non-profit organizations and their donors in designing and implementing charitable gifts. We frequently retain philanthropically-minded clients interested in making a large or unique gift to a favored charity. Likewise, charities such as universities, churches, and community foundations often seek the firm’s assistance in establishing or expanding its planned giving program. In both situations, we outline alternative gifting strategies and then guide our clients in selecting the best approach consistent with their goals.

Our focus areas include:
Estate Planning
Development of comprehensive estate plans so assets are distributed according to our client’s wishes. Our firm handles: wills, trusts, power of attorney, healthcare power of attorney, and living wills.
Probate and Estate Administration
After a death, the individual’s estate must undergo specific procedures and requirements such as collecting assets, paying off obligations (debts, expenses, and taxes), and distributing the remaining property to heirs and beneficiaries according to the decedent’s will. If a decedent passes without a will, the decedent’s assets will be allocated according to the statutory scheme of distribution per state law. We work with the Executor or an Administrator of an estate to ensure that each step is completed correctly and smoothly.
Estate Litigation/Will Contests
Advice and counsel is offered to individuals who feel that an estate they have an interest in has been improperly distributed or that the will does not accurately reflect the true wishes of the decedent.
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Real Estate

Whether you are buying, selling or conducting any other real estate transaction, legal issues commonly arise. One of the best ways to prevent problems that can delay closings and lead to unnecessary expenses is to work with a qualified sales and purchases attorney. The real estate attorneys at Bruno Law Group handle a range of real estate matters, including residential and commercial real estate transactions, conveyance, land development matters, zoning and land use issues, and litigation concerning real estate and construction disputes. Our attorneys have experience helping clients navigate real estate transactions while avoiding serious legal issues, and are skilled at negotiating and resolving sales and purchase conflicts to the satisfaction of all parties involved.

The Bruno Law Group concentrates its practice on commercial and residential real estate transactions, from contract negotiation to closing. The firm participates in all phases of the transaction, as needed, including the letter of intent, contract negotiation and review, title search examination, review of surveys, review of Phase 1 environmental report, preparation of the closing documents and the closing settlement statement, review of loan documents, preparation for and attendance at closing. Bruno Law Group works closely with Buyers, Sellers, and Real Estate Agents to assure a smooth and successful closing for commercial and residential properties.

Our firm also assists clients with conveyance when there is a need to shift property from one body to another. The phrase is regularly used in real estate matters when buyers and sellers shift ownership of land, a building, or a home. A conveyance is performed utilizing an instrument such as a legal contract, lease, title, or deed.

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Tax Appeals

Bruno Law Group assists clients in real estate tax appeals of all varieties involving commercial, industrial, residential and special-use properties. Property taxes are a significant business operating expense. The highly experienced tax professionals in our practice have achieved substantial tax savings for thousands of our clients. We represent taxpayers in real estate transaction planning, property tax appeals, and other property valuation matters.

Our experienced attorneys review assessments, analyze valuations, research properties, negotiate tax abatements and exemptions for qualified taxpayers, and represent clients in tax appeals, which includes negotiating with local assessors and presenting cases to county boards, state boards and tax court. We advocate for tax incentives and assist with new construction tax planning.

Our team includes full-time tax analysts who, under the supervision of attorneys, review property valuations and conduct assessment research to determine if a property is over-assessed. We have a demonstrated record of achieving successful outcomes for clients seeking to appeal or to strategically minimize their property tax liability, and we have helped clients obtain fair and equitable assessments. And unlike tax consulting firms, we leverage our litigation experience to resolve disputes when necessary.

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Paralegal and Notary Services

Bruno Law Group offers exemplary professional paralegal and notary services to its clients. Our team of paralegals and staff members provide document preparation assistance for personal and professional business needs, including law firms and other businesses. As document preparation can sometimes be overwhelming, our firm dedicates time to explaining required legal and non-legal forms to clients so they gain a full understanding of their meaning.

We offer document preparation from A to Z, including forms for the Department of Motor Vehicles, healthcare, job applications, pension (QDRO), social security, unemployment, legal and non-legal documents, and more.

Examples of documents we prepare include:
  • Expungements
  • State Applications
  • Notary for Uncontested Divorce
  • Mediation
  • Immigration Applications (Applications Only
  • Personal rent/loan agreements
Our notary public services include:
  • Acknowledgments of Signatures
  • Oaths & Affirmations
  • Execute Jurats for Affidavits and Other Verifications
  • Proof of Execution
To schedule your initial consultation with the Bruno Law Group paralegal and notary public team, call us at +1 201-720-9972 or fill out the Contact form

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